Ron Aulet

Ron joined his first band as a Tuba Player in the 7th Grade at Niles Middle School. When he got to high school he played tuba, trombone, and then euphonium and played in the Youngstown Stambaugh Youth Concert Band from his Sophomore year until he graduated high school. Ron took a few years off from play when he deployed to Afghanistan in 2009-2010 then joined the 338th Army Band in Columbus, Ohio in 2011. He played with them all over the United States on euphonium, tuba, and trumpet. Ron attended Youngstown State University going for Music Education until 2015 when he started to focus more on his army career. He is now the Section leader of euphonium in the 198th Army Band out of Rochester, NY and has played in over 8 different community bands over the last 12 years.