Why sponsor a musician?
Participating in our Chair Sponsorship program brings new perspective to the music you love. Whether you have an affinity for a particular instrument or a particular player, you will enjoy a sense of inclusion as you watch and listen to BBWR and your sponsored musician.

Who Can Become a Chair Sponsor?
Individuals, families, estates and businesses who donate $100 or more can become a Chair Sponsor. Sponsorship levels are $100 for section chairs and $250 for principal musician chairs. When donating for chair sponsorship please indicate how you’d like sponsorship information listed.

What Benefits Come With Chair Sponsorship?

  • Sponsor’s name will be listed next to the corresponding chair within the program for each BBWR concert of the season. Typically: October, December, March, May
  • Sponsor’s name will be included on the BBWR Roster as a Chair Sponsor.
  • You will have an opportunity to meet your musician backstage and take a photo as a memento
  • Current Chair Sponsors have first rights to renew sponsorship of your chair the following season. Renewal starts after the May concert.

How do I become a Chair Sponsor?
Visit our shop to browse available chairs to sponsor or click the button below.