A Tremendous Collection

All Brass Radio has published the following regarding the recent donation of BBWR CD’s:

“The Brass Band of the Western Reserve donated almost all the CDs they have released in the last decade. This collection has been a treasure trove!

Many tracks not recorded on the 700 other brass band CDs owned by All Brass Radio are in the collection. They are now part of the playlist.

“We’re forming a band and we’re aiming high!” was the message sent out to local brass players and percussionists in 1997 when it was discovered that the experienced and successful British brass band director, Dr. Keith M. Wilkinson, was residing in Northeast Ohio. That these ambitious sentiments have been amply achieved can be judged by the many impressive performances the band has carried out since that time.”

BBWR is grateful to allbrassradio.com for including our music alongside the worlds greatest bands in their playlists.

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